Vampire Facials

What Is A Vampire Facial?

If you are on the hunt for a unique and effective facial treatment, a "vampire facial" may be just what you're looking for. Technically referred to as a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial, this type of treatment got its name based on the blood-based procedure used.

Although a vampire facial may sound frightening, it has nothing to do with evil mythological creatures. However, blood is involved -- hence the association. Used as a treatment option for burnt skin and the healing of wounds for nearly 20 years, it has now become a popular beauty procedure.

Vampire Facial Benefits

As mentioned, a vampire facial involves the use of platelet-rich plasma, which would be taken from your own blood. Shown to rejuvenate the face, this skin care treatment has become incredibly popular. Combining the beneficial effects of microdermabrasion and the application of PRP, you will experience a greater stimulation of cell turnover.

Meaning, a vampire facial is a treatment option that uses your own blood and science-based techniques to promote healthy skin cell activity. Although it may sound like a daunting process, aside from the initial needle pinch, a vampire facial is fairly painless.

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Vampire Facial Procedure

If you have not yet undergone a vampire facial, it's normal to feel apprehensive. However, once you actually experience this procedure firsthand, you'll see that it is fairly straightforward (and nothing to fear).

How Do Doctors Take The Blood?

To begin, a small vial of blood would be extracted from your arm. At that point, the plasma would be separated (which is the fluid in your blood). This is the component of your blood that is rich in platelets which contains a high concentration of growth factors. In turn, this can enhance collagen production and promote healing.

Microneedling is often used to help your face better absorb the proteins, enhancing the overall results. It is important to discuss your specific situation with our physician, especially if you have highly damaged skin or are taking any medications -- particularly those used to treat blood conditions.

How Does A Vampire Facial Make You Look Younger?

Vampire facials are a fairly noninvasive skin treatment option that can enhance the look and feel of facial skin. Recovery is fairly rapid and repeated treatment sessions may be required. More often, three sessions are recommended, spaced around four weeks apart.

You are an ideal candidate if you would like to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, restore facial contour, enhance the tone and texture of your skin, and rejuvenate younger tissue. A similar procedure is often used among athletes, as PRP therapy is believed to enhance tissue repair and regeneration.