Women's Sexual Health

A bit about women's sexual health

Sexuality is a part of every woman's life. All of our bodies have the potential to feel physical excitement and pleasure. Women's sexual health is important to overall emotional and physical well-being. A fulfilling sex life improves your sleep quality and reduces stress. But achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life doesn't happen magically.

Many women have different motivators and stimuli that make them feel aroused and desire sex but they also have different factors that dampen desire. For many women, particularly those who are older than 40 or who have gone through menopause, physical desire isn't the primary motivation for sex. A woman may be motivated to have sex to feel close to her partner or to show her feelings.

Sexual dysfunction has many possible symptoms/causes, formulas and treatments vary. It's important to understand the woman's normal sexual response. Also, her goals for her sex life are important when choosing a treatment and evaluating whether or not it's working.

Effective treatment for sexual dysfunction often requires addressing any underlying medical conditions or hormonal changes. In addition to treating hormone imbalance, Complete Medical utilizes some of the following formulations as part of your personalized treatment to enhance both function and experience.

Treatment Options

Complete medical uses Oxytocin in a proprietary, prescription-only formulation available as a nasal/topical spray. We also partner with leading compounding pharmacies that provide sexual enhancer formulas. Read more below how these may assist your program.

  • Oxytocin: A powerful "bonding/love" hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, influences behaviors empathy, generosity, and orgasm. Oxytocin levels increase naturally with hugging and kissing
  • Aminophylline: A vasodilator used to dilate (open) blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more easily
  • Ergoloid Mesylate: A combination of several drugs used to treat some mood, behavior, or other problems that may be due to changes in the brain, helps improve cognitive function
  • Arginine HCl: An amino acid with a hydrogen chloride molecule, used to increase oxygen delivery and blood flow during sexual activity
  • Isosorbide: A vasodilator that works by relaxing the blood vessels
  • Pentoxifylline: A vasodilator that works by improving the flow of blood through blood vessels
  • Sildenafil: A PDE5 inhibitor that studies show to increase local blood flow to clitoris/genital tissue, improved genital response and overall sexual experience
  • Ginkgo Biloba: An antioxidant that can regulate the behavior of blood vessels (vasoregulation), increase oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues, and prevent ischemia (inadequate blood supply)
  • Menthol: A cooling compound obtained organically from certain types of mint, or made synthetically

Our proprietary formulations are created specifically for each patient, increasing treatment outcomes.